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ab doer twist
Shapes & Lifts Your Booty!
  • Targeted Resistance
  • Space Saving Design
  • Padded Ankle Cuff & Deck For Extra Comfort
  • Great Upper Body Workout
  • Compact & Self Storing
Smart Dial Targeting & MDR Technology Gives You Perfect Form & Targeted Results
Strap the padded ankle wrap to tether either your left or right leg to the unit.
Hold onto the handle and stand on the padded Booty Maxx deck.
Now simply KICK, KICK, KICK your way to a firmer more toned booty!

7 Simple Exercises Transform Your Booty
From Flat To Fabulous!
Benefits of Booty Maxx
Multi Directional Resistance
Works a full range of muscle motions providing you with a booty enhancing workout
Compact & Self-Storing
Booty Maxx neatly stores within the bottom of the deck and easily fits under your bed or sofa
No Bulky Equipment
Booty Maxx works all the major muscle groups in a space-saving compact design

Real People, Real Results!
Optional Accessories To Enhance Your Workout

You will be presented with these amazing optional accessories before the checkout to add to your order
Body Analysing Scales
Keep on top of your fitness goals with these Body Analysing Scales. Compact body analyser scale comes complete with a large easy read display.

Smart Snap Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Listen to your favourite music on the go with our Smart Snap Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Exercise Mat
The Exercise Mat is perfect for during your workout. It also offers support and comfort when enjoying other exercises in your routine. Measures 165cm x 55cm.

Only £19.99
+ £5.99 P&P